Autumn Makeup For Gray Eyes


Bring out the blue in your irises by choosing eyeshadow colors with subtle or bold orange tones present in them. This could be any eyeshadow in bronze, copper, gold, terra cotta, orange, brown, peach, or salmon. Makeup with golden or warm brown tones work well with blue eyes because these shades contrast blue on a color wheel. You have warmer tones, you may prefer shades with orange or salmon undertones.

Autumn makeup for gray eyes

Winter The majority of women of color as well as Caucasians with warm and rich coloring fall within this group. Also, the majority of natural red-heads are considered Autumns because of their spicy hair color which dominate their look. However there are some exceptions to red hair based on the intensity of the overall coloring.

Scroll further down for a more personalized color palette with your best colors - find out if you're a Soft, Warm or Deep Autumn.

Enhance Hazel

Autumn Color Analysis

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Autumn Makeup For Gray Eyes

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Autumn Color Analysis

Critical thoughts on all things type and season - and your closet

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Need Color Swatches?

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Need Color Swatches?

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Seasonal Color Analysis: I Have Salt and Pepper Hair. Am I Still a Winter?

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Seasonal Color Analysis: I Have Salt and Pepper Hair. Am I Still a Winter?

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Differences between the 3 Autumns

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Ora Autumn makeup for gray eyes Flower Scent


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How Does Graying Hair Affect Your Seasonal Colors?

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How Does Graying Hair Affect Your Seasonal Colors?

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Autumn makeup for gray eyes

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For gray makeup eyes Autumn

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