Eye Make-up In Violet Tones: Fashion Ideas


However, they do occasionally occur. Women who want to play to that unusual color should should use eye makeup that will accent the purple tones in their eyes. On the other hand, women who want to skew the color slightly more blue or gray should choose different colors altogether. Still others may have to play around with a lot of different colors in order to discover which ones specifically deliver the effect they desire for a particular event or situation.

Choose a bright white or a soft pink highlighting pencil to apply to the inside and outside corners of each eye.

Eye make-up in violet tones: fashion ideas

By Armine Karapetyan Updated on December 20, Smokey eye makeup ideas are as limitless as the possible eyeshadow color combinations can be! Although the traditional smokey eye makeup comes either in black or brown hues, the modern makeup trends always bring new vibes and innovative ways of wearing this sultry eye makeup , playing with various hues, glittery effects and interesting eye makeup application techniques, like cut-crease or cat eye styles.

And yes, smokey eye makeup is always the best classic makeup option to go for when you want to look maximum mysterious and feminine on any special occasion.

Soft Pink Makeup Tutorial

8 Eyeshadow Looks That'll Convince You to Ditch Your Neutral Palettes

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Eye Make-up In Violet Tones: Fashion Ideas

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8 Eyeshadow Looks That'll Convince You to Ditch Your Neutral Palettes

Best Cat Makeup Designs

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Awesome Doll Makeup Designs

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Awesome Doll Makeup Designs

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Most Flattering Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

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Eye make-up in violet tones: fashion ideas detailed

Best makeup colors for women with brown and black hair


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eye make-up in violet tones: fashion ideas Swans

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Makeup tips for brunettes

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Makeup tips for brunettes


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eye make-up in violet tones: fashion ideas

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Eye make-up in violet tones: fashion ideas bit

Makeup Designs and Ideas

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Fashion ideas tones: in make-up violet eye

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Eye make-up in violet tones: fashion ideas