How To Draw Arrows On The Eyes With A Pencil?


It will make much more easier and with time you will understand how to take the same steps yourself. With the same process try to draw the eye above so that you can practice. Step 1 Well we will start by drawing the outline, this can be a fast sketch, but enough detail to show the shape. I used 2b 0.

How to draw arrows on the eyes with a pencil?

Add a comment If you think that the nature of your eye notattractive - do not worry. Perhaps you just do not know how to do the right makeup. In this case, make your eyes attractive to help the different shape of the arrow.

arrows on the eyes

How to draw a realistic eye

Tweet on Twitter Learning how to draw eyes is regarded by many artists as a fundamental skill. The reason being that eyes are considered one of the most important facial features. This tutorial is thought to be a first step along the pathway to good eye drawing and it is intentionally not complicated.

The eye drawn within the tutorial is semi-realistic because I want you to focus on more general aspects of the drawing and I do not want you to be distracted by too many details at the same time.


Beauty How to draw arrows eyeliner It seems that the makeup with the arrows on the eyes will not cease to be relevant. The question how to draw arrows eyeliner for beginners, is one of the most difficult. Do not despair if you failed to draw beautiful arrows. Unpleasant Depending on the result you want to get, and your skills, you should choose the right tool before you learn how to draw arrows on the eyes eyeliner.

Liquid Most often obtained with the help of the bright makeup, because it fits well on the lid and dries fast.

How To Draw Arrows On The Eyes With A Pencil?

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How to draw a realistic eye


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How to Apply Eyeliner - Pencil, Cream/Gel, Liquid

Required tools

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Required tools

How to draw arrows on the eyes eyeliner

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How to draw arrows on the eyes with a pencil? other option

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How to choose an arrow shape?

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Drawing the Human Eye

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Drawing the Human Eye

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How to draw arrows on the eyes with a pencil?

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How to draw arrows eyeliner

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How to draw arrows on the eyes with a pencil?