How To Make Up Your Eyes To Make Them Seem More?


Blue eyes can easily get lost in dark undereye circles, and this is especially noticeable with a natural look. Apply concealer around and under your eyes to put the focus on them, not your circles! If you only need light coverage, dot the concealer along your undereye, then blend with your fingers or a makeup sponge.

If you have very dark circles, apply a layer of concealer in an inverted triangle shape under your eye. The point of the triangle should be about level with the apples of your cheeks.

How to make up your eyes to make them seem more?

Buy Now The best way to make your green eyes stand out is to wear a degree of green makeup. Do not use eyeliner, plus shadow and mascara. Use a black mascara with a green eyeliner or a green shadow with black mascara, or green mascara with green eyeliner. Too much of a good thing isn't good!


How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

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How To Make Up Your Eyes To Make Them Seem More?

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How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup


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How to Use Eyeliner to Create Asian Eyes


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How to make up your eyes to make them seem more? reading the

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How to make up your eyes to make them seem more? Indonesia, September

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pic How to make up your eyes to make them seem more? Ferragamo: Alex White

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How to Make Green or Hazel Eyes Look More Green

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How to Make Green or Hazel Eyes Look More Green

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Emphasize Your Hazel or Green Eyes

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Emphasize Your Hazel or Green Eyes

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How to make up your eyes to make them seem more?

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How to make up your eyes to make them seem more? Camera Buying Guide

9 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Brighter and Whiter

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How to make up your eyes to make them seem more?

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