How To Use Liquid Eye Shadow?


Using Lotion 1 Find a small jar with a tight fitting lid. You don't want the jar to be so large that your eyeshadow sits in a small heap at the bottom. If the jar is too big, your cream eyeshadow may dry out. Here are some options to give you ideas:

How to use liquid eye shadow?

You have no items in your shopping bag. Put it in a liquid form and it just spells trouble. Many of us are even guilty of spending too much time re-applying our eyeliner over and over again because of the wacky form it somehow takes on when it meets our lids.

Easy Ways to Use Liquid Liner

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They are often labeled as "metal foil. Liquid metal eyeshadow is best applied just on the lid or inner corners of your eye. This means that the rest of your eye area ie: You can add some depth to your overall look by applying a matte highlight to your brow bone, a base color to your eyelid, and a darker color to the crease and outer corner.


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How To Use Liquid Eye Shadow?

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Here’s How to Use (and Love) Liquid Eyeshadow

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Here’s How to Use (and Love) Liquid Eyeshadow

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How to use liquid eye shadow? from

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How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners - Simple Tutorial

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Top 7 Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner

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Top 7 Tips for Applying Liquid Eyeliner

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How to use liquid eye shadow?

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How to use liquid eye shadow? put

The Beauty Product That Gives Me a Complete Eye Look in Just One Swipe

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