Hydrophilic Oil


Hydrophilic means it is water soluable. Oil fat is not soluable in water, so is hydrophobic. Hydrophilic, or 'water loving' refers to molecules that are easily miscible in water. Polar molecules and ionic compounds are generally hydrophilic, and non-polar molecules are generally hydrophobic. See the Related Questions to the left for more information about how to determine if a molecule is non-polar, polar, or ionic.

Hydrophilic oil

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Why don't oil and water mix? - John Pollard


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Hydrophilic Oil

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I Can Explain --- Oil (hydrophobic) v.s. Vinegar (hydrophilic) [Part I]

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Hydrophilic oil just

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hydrophilic oil

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hydrophilic oil

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Hydrophilic oil

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Oil Hydrophilic

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Hydrophilic oil

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