• Base makeup for brown eyes

    Base Makeup For Brown Eyes

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  • Makeup for green eyes and blond hair

    Makeup For Green Eyes And Blond Hair

    Soft and subtle makeup for pretty green eyes can help you achieve a sweet everyday look, or one that's a bit romantic. Use the right colors and application, and your eyes can easily pull off this look. Choosing the Right Eye Makeup Although there are times when you might want to go for a more dramatic look, a fantasy eye, or a sexy makeup style, a pretty makeup look is versatile enough for many occasions.

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  • How, where and how you can keep eye shadow?

    How, Where And How You Can Keep Eye Shadow?

    Applying the Eye Shadow Effectively 1 Prime your eyes with a yellow concealer. Opt for a yellow concealer to apply over your eyelids. Yellow concealer can help make your eyes pop and make the eyeshadow more apparent.

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  • Sequins for the eyes

    Sequins For The Eyes

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  • What should be the eye make-up for the New Year?

    What Should Be The Eye Make-up For The New Year?

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  • Want a Breakout? Don’t Read This!

    Want A Breakout? Don’t Read This!

    Resources For Creating Digital Breakouts: It's free, you have access to it if you have a Gmail account, it's straightforward and simple to use, and you'll easily be able to integrate a Google Form, which acts as the digital "lock" for the breakout. Your Google Form can have as many "locks" in it as you'd like.

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  • Woodcarving: how to sharpen a pencil for the eyes?

    Woodcarving: How To Sharpen A Pencil For The Eyes?

    How to sharpen a charcoal pencil I was sharpening some charcoal pencils and realized this might be a good subject to cover. As you can see to the right, I learned to sharpen my charcoal pencils to have a long sharp point.

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