• How to paint eyes?

    How To Paint Eyes?

    Step 7 Now, we're going to get tricky. Instead of just shadowing with dark colours underneath the eye and accomplish a look like an alcoholic that hasn't slept for five days, we're going to find the shapes with a combination of highlights and shadows. Never forget that across the planes and curves of a face, the values will be flowing..

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  • Makeup for hazel eyes

    Makeup For Hazel Eyes

    Stick to lighter browns and golds to make your eyes look more enhanced. Meanwhile, lighter eye shadows will brighten and make your eyes look bigger.

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  • How to apply lipgloss?

    How To Apply Lipgloss?

    Exfoliation is a process where the outer, dead layer of your skin is removed to give it a fresh look. Rough, cracked, or chapped lips can look less than appealing when you apply your lip gloss. To do this simply you can: Buy a lip scrub from a local cosmetics store or the cosmetics section of your local drug store..

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  • Eye Makeup for Beginners

    Eye Makeup For Beginners

    lo habia buscado por muchoo tiempo Fuuuck I could listen to them moan all day man that hi-rez really fucked things up with OB62 Reported for nudity such unholy videos shall not be here. Whip cream. Liking..

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  • How to make eye makeup in a loop technique? Photo instruction

    How To Make Eye Makeup In A Loop Technique? Photo Instruction

    However, with the right makeup treatment and good care for your skin, your eyes can look youthful and can become your best feature. Eye makeup can brighten your face and make you feel more beautiful, helping you become more confident in your age and in your own skin. Steps Prepping Your Skin 1 Moisturize.

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