Makeup For Almond-shaped Eyes


If you're lucky enough to be blessed with this versatile eye shape but would like to make your peepers look larger, matte eyeshadows, smoky colors and bold top lashes will maximize them and show them off beautifully. This evens out your skin tone and opens up the top of the eyelid, creating the effect of more space.

Keep the application light to avoid a powdery effect. Follow up the base by defining your crease, which shows off your almond shape.

Makeup for almond-shaped eyes

Knowing Your Eye Shape How different styles of eye makeup look on you has a lot if not everything to do with the shape of your eyes. Knowing your eye shape is without a doubt THE secret to flawless eye makeup. Think of it like you would clothing.

HOW TO: Eyeliner Techniques For Different Eye Shapes

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Makeup For Almond-shaped Eyes

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Deep Set Eyes

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Use the Right Eyelash Curler

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New Makeup for almond-shaped eyes Don't mind poor

How to Choose the Right Eyeliner Technique for Almond Eyes

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How to Choose the Right Eyeliner Technique for Almond Eyes

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Makeup for almond eyes

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Makeup for almond eyes

Eye shapes

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Eye shapes

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Makeup for almond-shaped eyes

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Cat Eye Tutorial: How to Apply the Look for Your Eye Shape

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Eyes almond-shaped Makeup for


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Makeup for almond-shaped eyes

These eye drops are used to reduce redness in your eyes and give them a bit of moisture to counteract irritants or otherwise dryness in the eyes.