Makeup For Brown Eyes Round: Rules And Ideas


Steps Prepping Your Eyes 1 Clean your eyes. You may be surprised how much makeup can stick to your eyes and lashes, even after face washes, showers, and sleeping. Make sure your skin is clean and bright to let your big brown eyes stand out! The skin of the eye is very delicate, so avoid using harsh soaps.

Makeup for brown eyes round: rules and ideas

If you have round eyes, they may have a tendency to look small, droopy, or sunken in when you apply makeup. Using bright shades in the corner of your eyes and creating an upturned wing with eyeliner can make your round eyes pop. Starting off, you should apply makeup to your eyebrows.

Eye Makeup Tips For Your Eye Shape

Makeup For Brown Eyes | Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

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Makeup For Brown Eyes Round: Rules And Ideas

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Makeup For Brown Eyes | Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes

Framing Your Face: Get Sleek Eyebrows

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2. Pictorial for Gold Eye Makeup Look

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2. Pictorial for Gold Eye Makeup Look

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These makeup tips were made for you match your eye color, hair color and face shape

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Makeup for brown eyes round: rules and ideas everything

Try these expert eye makeup tips to make those brown eyes stand out in the best way possible


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Lucia Makeup for brown eyes round: rules and ideas Thanks

26 Stunning Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

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From The Pros: Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

  • If you're looking for a causal, every day look you should only apply eyeshadow to the corners of your eyes.
  • You can stick to the standard colors, like black and brown, or experiment with bolder, vibrant colors.
  • A good way to avoid this is to use different types of mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes.
  • You should also apply a thin line of the shimmery shade underneath your eyebrow.
  • Draw out the tips so they form a point.
  • For deep brown eyes, try a beautiful royal or navy blue color.

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27 Pretty Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes

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27 Pretty Makeup Tutorials for Brown Eyes

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1. Silver & Black Cut Crease

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Makeup for brown eyes round: rules and ideas

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Makeup for brown eyes round: rules and ideas Farneti

Eye Makeup Tips For Round Face

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Ideas rules eyes and brown Makeup for round:

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Makeup for brown eyes round: rules and ideas