Makeup For Deep-set Eyes


Tell Others About this page So what is the best way to apply makeup that complements deep set eyes? You will then learn how to dress them up or down for any occasion You do this with the type of eye shadow colors you choose, and the patterns you apply them in! When eyes are deep-set are located deeper in the eye socket than others.

Makeup for deep-set eyes

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Makeup for Deep Set Eyes.

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Makeup For Deep-set Eyes

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Makeup for Deep Set Eyes.

1. Use Eyeshadow Primer

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For An Easy Everyday Look

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For An Easy Everyday Look

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Makeup Tips : How to Apply Shadow to Deep-Set Eyes

So- Are Your Eyes Really Deep Set?

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So- Are Your Eyes Really Deep Set?

Celebrities with deep set eyes

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How to immediately know if your eyes are deep set

  • The eye shape already has a shadow.
  • Then apply the darkest shade not black just under the crease and along your upper eyelid.
  • For An Easy Everyday Look There is a big difference in the type of makeup you can successfully apply depending on whether your eyes are big or small.
  • The middle picture shows a balanced, lower eyebrow with a straighter arch.
  • It might help you figure it out
  • To pile on the drama, go for a kohl, liquid, or gel eyeliner.
  • Preferably a shimmery gold or an awesome shiny beige color.

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Makeup for deep-set eyes Man S/S 2019

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Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes.

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Makeup Tips for Deep Set Eyes.

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Makeup for deep-set eyes

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How Do You Apply Makeup To Deep Set Eyes?

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Eyes Makeup for deep-set


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Makeup for deep-set eyes