Natural Eye Makeup: Basic Tips


Applying a basic, natural look doesn't require a lot of skill or tools. You can do lots of the blending with your fingertips, and choose to leave out certain products if they don't appeal to you. So have no fear: Steps Laying the Groundwork 1 Start with clean skin.

Natural eye makeup: basic tips

Applying Makeup to Your Face 1 Clean your face of any previous makeup. Put makeup remover or water on a cotton ball. Dab or rub the cotton ball in small circles to remove old makeup.

Natural Everyday Makeup

Natural eye makeup

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Natural Eye Makeup: Basic Tips

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Natural eye makeup

Natural Looking Makeup: Learn the Tips For Getting the Look Just Right

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1. Moisturize and Even Out Skin Tone

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1. Moisturize and Even Out Skin Tone

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Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks

Start by Perfecting Your Skin

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Start by Perfecting Your Skin

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Beauty… Inside and Out

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Natural eye makeup: basic tips gay intern being

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Natural eye makeup tutorial for everyday

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rest Natural eye makeup: basic tips Katryn Kruger

21 Eye Makeup Tips Beginners Secretly Want To Know

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21 Eye Makeup Tips Beginners Secretly Want To Know

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Natural eye makeup: basic tips

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Natural eye makeup: basic tips “We Ride

How to Do Natural Makeup

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Basic Natural tips makeup: eye

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Natural eye makeup: basic tips