Smokey Eyes For Green Eyes: Photo Instruction


Choosing Eyeshadow Colors 1 Wear neutral browns for a daytime look. Go for reddish browns, such as terracotta, or silvery browns, such as taupe. This is great for school and work. Pinks, purples, and reds will enhance your green eyes even more.

Smokey Eyes for green eyes: Photo instruction

Tips and Instructions Prom makeup matched to the dress Prom Makeup and hairstyle are individually matched to the type, but also to the dress. To a long, elegant dress fits dramatic makeup with strongly emphasized eyes and discreet lipstick or matte, red lips. The makeup should be adapted very precisely to a colored outfit Ч the color of the fabric should also be traceable on the face.

Prom makeup for the black dress For an official outfit in black, a classic makeup would always be the best choice Ч emphasized eyes and dull, rotten lips.

Date Night Smokey Eye w Green & Maroon Accents! Talk Through Tutorial!

Smokey Eyes Makeup Step by Step with Pictures.

Find out how you can create gorgeous smokey eyes so you can look your best at every special event. It is believed that the eyes are the gate to the soul and this is why beautiful eyes attract so much attention. Eye makeup is one of the best ways to enhance your facial features by making them pop. There are a variety of ways you can enhance your eyes, depending on preference and the shape of your eyes.


The classical equipment of a makeup smoky eyes means brightly traced and accurately painted eyes with soft transition to softer shades which are slightly shaded. For every color of eyes it is possible to pick up the option of shades and flowers separately: It with pleasure is used by various celebrities. From superstars we will mark out Bobbi Brown while he is a man , Angelina Jolie and so forth.

Smokey Eyes For Green Eyes: Photo Instruction

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Smokey Eyes Makeup Step by Step with Pictures.

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Smokey Eye Tutorial: For Green Eyes

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Smokey Eye Makeup: Tutorial and How to Do It

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Smokey Eye Makeup: Tutorial and How to Do It

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Photo eyes: green Smokey instruction Eyes for everytime


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Smokey Eyes for green eyes: Photo instruction

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Smokey Eyes for green eyes: Photo instruction MADE

Prom Makeup for the Dress: Tips and Instructions

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Photo for eyes: instruction Smokey green Eyes

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