7 Beauty-tricks Using Spoons


Although the technological research has brought the cosmetic industry to new developments and fascinating discoveries, the basics of maintaining the natural beauty can still be covered by the ingredients kept in the kitchen. Today, we will focus on one of these miraculous ailments, namely the apple cider vinegar.

It gives a refreshing and spicy taste to any summer salad, while it also stores natural properties that do wonders if administered externally. Facial Cleanser The natural properties of the apple cider vinegar are mostly antibacterial, and that is why it is highly recommended to use it as a face cleanser. The vinegar will not only eliminate any impurities that cover the face after an active whole day, but it also is a powerful toner that prevents a burst of pimples.

7 beauty-tricks using spoons

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8 Ways a Spoon Can Change Your Beauty Routine

How to Get Perfect Lashes, Plus 7 Other Spoon Beauty Tricks

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7 Beauty-tricks Using Spoons

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How to Get Perfect Lashes, Plus 7 Other Spoon Beauty Tricks

8 Incredibly Genius Beauty Tricks You Had No Idea You Could Do With A Spoon

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3 Beauty Tricks to Do With A Spoon

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7 beauty-tricks using spoons S/S

#1. Say no to mascara smudge


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7 Great Ways to Treat Eye Puffiness at Home ...

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7 Great Ways to Treat Eye Puffiness at Home ...

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7 beauty-tricks using spoons

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7 Health and Beauty Tricks with Apple Cider Vinegar

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Using 7 spoons beauty-tricks

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7 beauty-tricks using spoons