Beauty-trend: The Sequins On The Cuticle


Latest Trends in Fashion Nails 1. Picture that on your nails. Yes, moving specks of glitter and sequins on your nails! The trend initially started with aquarium themed nails with tiny fish and shell shaped sequins and blue liquid, hence the name.

Beauty-trend: the sequins on the cuticle

Painting Reproductions of the famous paintings on your nails are the main trend of the fall fashion. This manicure looks very impressive, but it will require patience, accuracy and considerable artistic skills. Colored French manicure French manicure is hardly likely to lose its popularity. However, apart from the classic French, its different interpretations are coming into fashion.


The Mosaic Nail Trend Is Officially Taking Over Our Feeds

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Beauty-trend: The Sequins On The Cuticle

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The Mosaic Nail Trend Is Officially Taking Over Our Feeds

Basic Equipment for a Successful Nail Makeup

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The Best Multi-use Beauty Products You Need to Invest In

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Anton Beauty-trend: the sequins on the cuticle Perretti's cuffs

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the Beauty-trend: the sequins on the cuticle Testino

The Mosaic Nail Trend Is Officially Taking Over Our Feeds

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The Mosaic Nail Trend Is Officially Taking Over Our Feeds

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Cupid’s here to tell you all about the latest beauty trend hitting Hollywood: Glitter Cuticles

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Beauty-trend: the sequins on the cuticle

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Terrorism argument Beauty-trend: the sequins on the cuticle after

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Sequins Beauty-trend: on the cuticle the

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The Alexander Wang 'Do Something' campaign was also a Helmut Lang rip-off and the T by Alexander Wang ads, so it's nothing new for this season really.
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4. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (2019)
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Photographed by Norman Parkinson
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Models Christina Kruse, Michelle Hicks, Chandra North, Kirsty Hume, Carla Bruni, Guinevere Van Seenus, Claudia Schiffer & Others
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Art Director Mikael Kangas
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Imelda, thanks for posting! I am absolutely LIVING for the jagged sole... the taupe boots are bringing a joyful tear to my eye
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hehe those bring back good school memories
Angelica at 24.04.2018 at 01:41
For some bizarre reason I was reminded of 'Planet of the Apes' from 1968 while watching the show, I don't even know why. Maybe the whole 60s/futuristic vibe? I liked quite a few pieces, thought the show was certainly different from anything else we've seen thus far. Gotta' hand it to Miuccia Prada for originality!

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Beauty-trend: the sequins on the cuticle

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