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European Facial The European Facial Skin Treatment Many people who want to rejuvenate their skin to feel and look younger sometimes opt for a European facial instead of getting a traditional face mask treatment from their local spa. This kind of facial is popular throughout the countries of Europe, but its methods are now also becoming popular in the U. The truth is that these facials can be beneficial for almost any skin type, as the procedure involves different cleansing techniques that can help get rid of acne and treat oily skin.

A Deep-Down Cleansing When you sit down for your European facial, you will most likely be in a slightly reclined position, and your hair will be secured with a cap to prevent any chemicals from damaging the hair.

European manicure: Features

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European Manicure: Features

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  • Once you are made comfortable, the skin care specialist will cleanse your skin with an exfoliating scrub to slough off dead skin cells and expose healthy skin beneath.
  • This step of the skin treatment will be at your discretion, as this part of the procedure is not always comfortable and may leave your skin red and irritated.
  • The truth is that these facials can be beneficial for almost any skin type, as the procedure involves different cleansing techniques that can help get rid of acne and treat oily skin.
  • This step is meant to relax your mind and bring the therapeutic effects of the facial treatment together with the calming effects of the massage for a more unified rejuvenation experience.
  • You should expect for a European facial to take about an hour to an hour and a half for the full treatment, but the time spent at the spa will vary.
  • The exfoliating step of the European facial technique will also encourage the skin to renew itself by creating new skin cells to repair the micro damage caused by the scrub.

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European manicure: Features

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European manicure: Features

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