Eyebrow Carving


Feather brows are quite possibly one of the most bizarre and outrageous looks to date. Feather brows involve parting your eyebrows and splitting the hairs into a feather-like shape with the help of some Vaseline. When Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen posted a photo of them on Instagram, she wasn't expecting them to catch on.

But within a matter of hours, the bizarre trend had spread, as thousands of others shared their carefully preened peepers.

Eyebrow carving

FashionLady FashionLady Today, in making a woman beautiful, the eyebrows have acquired a whole new meaning. If the eyes are touted as windows of the soul, the eyebrows are supposed to be its frame. They can in reality make or break your entire facial beauty. Yes, I can understand especially since not all women are blessed with perfect shaped thick lush eyebrows.


People Are Carving Hearts Into Their Eyebrows on Instagram

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Eyebrow Carving

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People Are Carving Hearts Into Their Eyebrows on Instagram

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How To: Change The Shape Of Your Eyebrows

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Fact eyebrow carving Blush Fleshy

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Have Crazy Eyebrow Trends Finally Gone Too Far?

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Have Crazy Eyebrow Trends Finally Gone Too Far?

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eyebrow carving


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Cut Carving brows

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Carving eyebrow


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