Eyebrow: How To Choose The Technique?


Recently, threading has begun to gain popularity in Western culture, particularly in the United States. The technique has provided many people with a proven alternative to waxing and plucking. However, there are still many people that do not know about threading and how it can improve their beauty routine.

What is so great about threading? Read this list of benefits and you will be compelled to give it a try.

Eyebrow: how to choose the technique?

Your natural eyebrows are a good indicator of what style probably fits you best, but if you take it a step further and refine that look, you will notice that your look will be brighter, cleaner and sharper. Many men are interested in grooming their eyebrows and in giving them a good shape, but they often find themselves following guidelines that have been put down for women.

Getting the right shape according to your face type is easy if you know what to look for, which is why we are going to break down the various eyebrow shapes that are commonly suited for men. When choosing a shape for your eyebrows according to your face shape, remember that you are looking to obtain a balanced look.

The UNIBROW Technique - How to make your brows even ??? ????? ?????? ???????

Choose the Best

You can try threading at home with a few supplies. Before you start threading, make sure you prepare your eyebrows properly so the threading is quick and easy to do. With the right approach, you can have beautiful, well shaped eyebrows in no time.


They were the definition of too good to be true! The before pictures looked a lot like the eyebrows I had seen in my day to day life as a makeup artist and eyebrow technician: Perfect, natural looking, lush, symmetrical brows! The microblading blade is dipped in ink, and then lightly scraped across the skin in delicate strokes, mimicking hair.

Unlike eyebrow tattoos that often look unnatural and unappealing, eyebrow microblading lasts for 3 years at most, providing you with your dream naturally looking bushy eyebrows or any other shape your prefer.

Eyebrow: How To Choose The Technique?

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Choose the Best


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How does microblading work?

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How does microblading work?

Who is microblading for?

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Eyebrow: how to choose the technique? stage

How to Shape Eyebrows Basics and Different Methods


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So What Is Microblading/ 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Magic, Exactly?

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How to shape:

  • This may be due to the fact that the thread itself does not touch the skin during hair removal.
  • The semi-permanent makeup results last for up to 3 years, and very few touch-ups are needed.
  • The threading artist simply weaves the thread through all of the hairs that need to be removed then gives the thread a tug.
  • Heart faces are also characterized by high cheek bones and narrow jaw lines.
  • Most of the artists here at Threads honed their threading skills in India or the Middle East.
  • Most of the artists here at Threads honed their threading skills in India or the Middle East.

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Why Dr.Beckenstein for eyebrow restoration?

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Why Dr.Beckenstein for eyebrow restoration?

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How I to choose your client's Eyebrow Style and Technique

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How I to choose your client's Eyebrow Style and Technique

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20 Eyebrow Hacks, Tips, and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

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Eyebrow: how to choose the technique?

Eyebrow Microblading Origins

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1. Oval shapes Ц Flat Eyebrows

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Feathering Technique

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To technique? the how choose Eyebrow:

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