How To Apply Concealer On Your Face: Step By Step Guide


Wash your face to remove any unwanted oils or old makeup. Use a cleanser that is marketed as gentle or pH-balanced. If you have dry skin, use moisturizing cream cleansers. For normal skin, use a gentle cleanser without any microbeads or exfoliants. If you have oily skin, use an oil based cleanser.

How to apply concealer on your face: step by step guide

Using a foundation the same or close color as your skin evens your skin tone and provides a base you can build upon when you contour using lightest and darkest shades. Contouring your face without first applying foundation is much more difficult, since skin tends to be uneven in color. Your face could end up looking patchy instead of smooth and contoured.

Mixing textures can result in a caked-on look.

How To Apply Concealer To Hide Dark Circles, Pimples And Pigmentation - Glamrs

A step-by-step guide to highlighting and contouring

Step 10 — Add colors to your lips Step 1 — Skin prep — wash, cleanse and moisturize Prep your face to achieve a flawless look and an even skin tone. Depending on your face condition, prepare your face for makeup to help the concealer, foundation and creams glide smoothly and absorb on your face for a prolonged effect. Remove any makeup that you might already have on your face and clear it off neatly.


But if you have acne, dark spots and dark circles, you need to also use some concealer to hide all these blemishes. It is a great product to conceal anything on your face that you do not want to draw attention towards. But if you dread using the concealer, we will share with you a guideline to apply it like a pro!

How to choose your concealer Concealer comes in different tints to work on specific areas.

How To Apply Concealer On Your Face: Step By Step Guide

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A step-by-step guide to highlighting and contouring

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How to Contour for Beginners - Tina Yong

Step 2 Conceal

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Step 2 Conceal

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Step 1 Prep Your Skin

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How to apply concealer on your face: step by step guide Hemen

How to choose your concealer


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Concealer 101: Tips for a Flawless Face

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Step by Step Guide To Makeup Application

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Step by Step Guide To Makeup Application

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How to apply concealer on your face: step by step guide

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How to apply concealer on your face: step by step guide anyone know

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Tutorial for Perfect Makeup Application

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How to apply concealer on your face: step by step guide

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