How To Choose An Eyebrow Pencil?


Hold a pencil point up and vertical against your nose to see where your eyebrow should begin. The edge of the pencil that is closer to your nose marks the line where your brow should start. If it goes beyond that point, you should use tweezers to remove the excess hair.

If it falls short, you will probably want to extend it to that point.

How to choose an eyebrow pencil?

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How to Choose the Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil

Matching to Your Hair Color 1 Select a shade that is at least shades lighter if you have brown or black hair. This will ensure the eyebrow color looks natural and not too dark on your brows. The oils in your skin also tend to make the eyebrow color look darker, so going shades lighter than your hair color will ensure the color does not become too pronounced or defined.

If you have hair that is lighter in color, make sure the eyebrow color is a bit darker so it stands out on your face.


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How To Choose An Eyebrow Pencil?

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How to Choose the Right Shade of Eyebrow Pencil

1. Shade Comes First

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Eyebrow Pencils

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Eyebrow Pencils

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Easy EYEBROW TUTORIAL For Beginners Using Pencil

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10 Best Eyebrow Pencils in India

  1. Look for a light to medium brown shade that has a matte finish if your skin is dark or black.
  2. If you have a round face, a sharp, high angle will open your eyes and elongate and balance the face.
  3. Look for a color that is the same level or a level darker than your natural brows.
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3 Tips to Choose the Best Eyebrow Pencil

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3 Tips to Choose the Best Eyebrow Pencil

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Micro Brow Pencil

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How to choose an eyebrow pencil?

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How to choose an eyebrow pencil? Francois the

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How to choose an eyebrow pencil?

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