How To Create A Glow Without The Highlighter?


Using Tonic Water 1 Pour tonic water into a clear container. Believe it or not, plain old tonic water glows under a black light — quite brightly, as well. You can add it by itself or dilute it with water. However, the more water you add, the dimmer it will glow. Tonic water is available at most local stores and supermarkets for just a few dollars.

How to create a glow without the highlighter?

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How to Make Glowing Highlighter Water

5 Smart Ways to Highlight That Don’t Involve Highlighter

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How To Create A Glow Without The Highlighter?

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5 Smart Ways to Highlight That Don’t Involve Highlighter

Step 2 – Apply Concealer Under Eyes

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Multi-Use Liquid Highlighter Makeup

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Multi-Use Liquid Highlighter Makeup

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How to make Glow Water

5 Smart Ways to Highlight That Don’t Involve Highlighter

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5 Smart Ways to Highlight That Don’t Involve Highlighter

Skin Concern

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Sympathy lies How to create a glow without the highlighter? was watching The

Step 1 – Apply Primer & Foundation


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How to create a glow without the highlighter? August

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  1. Not all highlighters have the glow-in-the-dark quality produced under a blacklight, so draw with them on white paper first and run a black light over to see if they do.
  2. Not all highlighters have the glow-in-the-dark quality produced under a blacklight, so draw with them on white paper first and run a black light over to see if they do.
  3. All you need to do to get tonic water to glow bright is to illuminate it with a black light.
  4. Just like with the tonic water method above, a dark room and a black light will make the highlighter ink in the water glow brightly.
  5. Be careful when handling this type of glowing water — since it contains paint, it can cause major stains in fabric.

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How to Highlight Your Face & Get That J Lo Glow!

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How to Highlight Your Face & Get That J Lo Glow!

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How to create a glow without the highlighter?

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Joan How to create a glow without the highlighter? think this Lacroix

Here’s an Easy Beauty DIY: How to Make Your Own Highlighter

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Create a highlighter? glow without the How to

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How to create a glow without the highlighter?

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