How To Make A Gradient On Your Lips?


Step 1 Take the Rectangle Tool M and create a rectangle. Add an anchor point and convert the bottom part of the rectangle to a smooth form. See the diagram below. Then take the Gradient Tool G and fill the figure with a Linear gradient. Set the gold colors for gradient sliders and the stroke to none.

How to Make a gradient on your lips?

The Gradient Editor lets you create your own custom gradient using as many colors as you want. After you create a custom gradient, you can save it as a preset to reuse in the future. Follow these steps to create a custom gradient:


Step-by-Step Lip Makeup Tutorial: 3 Different Gradient Lips Tutorial

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How To Make A Gradient On Your Lips?

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Step-by-Step Lip Makeup Tutorial: 3 Different Gradient Lips Tutorial

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Kelsey's "SOUL EATER" lip tutorial - Kat Von D Beauty

How To Do Ombre Lips By Yourself

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How To Do Ombre Lips By Yourself

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How to Make a Gradient Lip Makeup in Blue Tones

  1. Step 3 Take the Rectangle Tool M and create a rectangle which has the same width as the large axis of the ellipse.
  2. Then select all three spiral groups and go to the Align palette in order to align them as you can see it below.
  3. Then copy a spiral line and create the other spirals.
  4. Fill it with the Radial gradient, use the image below as a reference.

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Quick Tip: How to Illustrate a Lipstick using Gradients

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Quick Tip: How to Illustrate a Lipstick using Gradients

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We Tried It: Korean 'Gradient Lip' Trend


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How to Make a gradient on your lips?

2. There are eight gorgeous colours for you to choose from

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How to Make a gradient on your lips? love that

25 Best Ways to Prevent and Cure Chapped Lips

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Your on to gradient lips? How a Make

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How to Make a gradient on your lips?

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