Make-up Based On The Last Show Alberta Ferretti


Hair was left elegantly under-styled at Eckhaus Latta, allowing the innovative face paint design to shine through. Colourful dashes were dabbed across cheeks, chins and brows with an uncomfortable freneticism; one part futuristic disease, one part unfinished pointillism painting. Amid the backdrop of a troubled USA, the clashing, troublesome collection which paired Mad Max shoulder pads with ugly-beautiful prints helped to prove that Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta do cult-cool Americana like few else.

Jason Lloyd-Evans Rick Owens:

Make-up based on the last show Alberta Ferretti

Share this article Share Injecting her chic look with an understated Nineties minimalism, Bella completed her look with a simple black masculine blazer. Her hair was swept off her face into a tousled chignon, with tendrils artfully framing her face, while her striking green eyes were highlighted with a sweep of winged eyeliner.

Bella, 20, oozed sex appeal as she slipped into a racy wraparound bikini top as she strutted her stuff Catwalk queen: Bella stole the limelight in the sizzling string bikini top, which she teamed with stylish black tie-front shorts that flashed a hint of her toned stomach All eyes on Bella:

ALBERTA FERRETTI Full Show Spring Summer 1995 Milan by Fashion Channel

The Rainbow Week

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Make-up Based On The Last Show Alberta Ferretti

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The Rainbow Week


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ALBERTA FERRETTI Milan Spring Summer 1993 - Fashion Channel

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Richard Hell Make-up based on the last show Alberta Ferretti frankie

Make-up Artist & Beauty / Travel Blogger Dubai


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Make-up based on the last show Alberta Ferretti glad

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ask Make-up based on the last show Alberta Ferretti from

Runway Roundup: The Highlights From Milan AW18 Fashion Week

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Runway Roundup: The Highlights From Milan AW18 Fashion Week

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based Alberta last Make-up Ferretti on show the messi hype


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Make-up based on the last show Alberta Ferretti

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Danish Girl. Make-up based on the last show Alberta Ferretti kind makes think

Milan Fashion Week autumn/winter 2012 trends round-up

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The Make-up show last on Ferretti based Alberta

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I wanted to ask this a long time ago, so here it it: does anyone know a place on the net or perhaps it's even on your own computer, where I can watch complete fashionshows of previous Dior and Galliano collections....I just love to watch them, so if you could help me that would be really nice...
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I just got my black adidas today... (picture's above).. they're so cute.
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across the tops of the windows
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There's a high beauty quotient among the people of Argentina, and they dress with flair. Even women in jeans have that ability to throw on an ordinary scarf or shawl in such a way that they end up looking elegant.
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We can't go on together
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Meyrou includes long scenes of "the little hands," as French seamstresses are known, struggling to pleat a velvet bodice or moaning as they pin a dress but they always manage to get it right.

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Make-up based on the last show Alberta Ferretti