Makeup For Blue Eyes And Blond Hair


Look on the inside of your wrist--do the veins look blue or green? Your skin tone is cool or blue if the veins are blue, and olive or warm if they're green. What would be your natural hair color? Generally, blondes fall into three categories, in my opinion:

Makeup for blue eyes and blond hair

Iridescent violet Midnight blue Bright eye shadows are a great way to draw attention to your blue eyes and require little other makeup to make a major impact. Another lesser-known but worthy makeup trend that works beautifully on blondes is white eyeliner. When lined on the upper lid and paired with sheer white cream eye shadow and black mascara, blondes can capture that white-eyed retro look that made Twiggy famous.

For bold lipstick choices, go straight for the bubble gum pinks and glossy rose tones.

5 Makeup Looks That Make Blue Eyes Pop!

Makeup tips for blondes

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Makeup For Blue Eyes And Blond Hair

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Makeup tips for blondes

Complement Your Coloring

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How to make BLUE eyes POP!

These makeup tips were made for you — match your eye color, hair color and face shape

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These makeup tips were made for you — match your eye color, hair color and face shape

Eye Shadow and Eyeliner

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Makeup for blue eyes and blond hair Realized: Ј750

Selecting Makeup for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair


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Eye Makeup

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Charcoal Taffeta Makeup for blue eyes and blond hair love

How to use the right colors to create your perfect makeup look

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How to use the right colors to create your perfect makeup look

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Best makeup colors for blondes

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Best makeup colors for blondes

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Makeup for blue eyes and blond hair

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Makeup for blue eyes and blond hair favorite movie! She

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes – 10 makeup ideas to enhance blue eyes

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Hair Makeup blond and for eyes blue

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