Makeup For Girls With Gray Eyes And Dark Hair


These are just a few of the gorgeous celebrities who have fairer skin than most. In order to look good with pale skin, the first thing you have to do is shed the notion that having pale skin is somehow a defect. Pale skin makes you look classic, striking, and unique. If you want to know how to look good with pale skin, all you have to do is wear the right makeup and clothes to make the most of your already-beautiful look.

Steps Wearing the Right Makeup 1 Wear neutral eyeshadow.

Makeup for girls with gray eyes and dark hair

By Crystal Schwanke Beauty Columnist When you have black hair and dark brown eyes, there's not too much that you can't pull off makeup-wise. You can do the smokiest of smoky eyes since your eyes are so dark and your hair acts as a frame to tie it all together. Your eye and hair color will similarly add balance to a defined, bright or bold lip.

In contrast, it's almost effortless to take your bare-faced look to stunning with a few tips that will play up your natural beauty.

Flattering Makeup Colors for Grey Hair

Makeup tips for brunettes

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Makeup For Girls With Gray Eyes And Dark Hair

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Makeup tips for brunettes

Complement Your Skin Color

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Look 1: Complementary Ц Copper (with a hint of gold)

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Look 1: Complementary Ц Copper (with a hint of gold)

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Color Theory for Makeup

Best makeup colors for women with brown and black hair

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Best makeup colors for women with brown and black hair

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Enhance Your Eye Color

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The Basics

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How to Rock Black Hair

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Makeup for dark blonde hair and grey eyes - 60 photos

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Makeup for dark blonde hair and grey eyes - 60 photos

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Makeup for girls with gray eyes and dark hair

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Fashion are Makeup for girls with gray eyes and dark hair Raf

Makeup Tips for Dark Hair and Fair Skin

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Gray girls dark hair with and for Makeup eyes


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Makeup for girls with gray eyes and dark hair