Makeup For Green Eyes And Dark Hair


Soft and subtle makeup for pretty green eyes can help you achieve a sweet everyday look, or one that's a bit romantic. Use the right colors and application, and your eyes can easily pull off this look. Choosing the Right Eye Makeup Although there are times when you might want to go for a more dramatic look, a fantasy eye, or a sexy makeup style, a pretty makeup look is versatile enough for many occasions.

You can wear this type of makeup for everyday, weekends, and on those times you want to look sweet and romantic. The key in creating the right look is to use the colors that work best for your green eyes in medium to light shades and avoid harsh application styles.

Makeup for green eyes and dark hair

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Smokey Eye Tutorial: For Green Eyes

The 3 Best Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes and Dark Hair

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Makeup For Green Eyes And Dark Hair

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The 3 Best Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes and Dark Hair

Look 1: Complementary – Copper (with a hint of gold)

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The Basics

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The Basics

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Daytime Smokey Eye + Quick Contouring

Green-eyed Lucy Hale Slideshow

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Green-eyed Lucy Hale Slideshow

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Beautiful Makeup for Green Eyes by Kathleen Lights

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Makeup for green eyes and dark hair Latin America July

Choosing the Right Eye Makeup


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and Makeup for green eyes and dark hair National

Best makeup colors for women with brown and black hair

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Makeup tips for brunettes

  • Choosing the Right Eye Makeup Although there are times when you might want to go for a more dramatic look, a fantasy eye, or a sexy makeup style, a pretty makeup look is versatile enough for many occasions.
  • Keep your blending brush handy and stay away from the dramatic palettes.
  • Simple and Romantic Trio Using a teal or green shade of liner, line the top and bottom lids with a very thin line.
  • For light to medium skin and auburn or red hair with green eyes , neutral browns, medium purple and plums, gold and copper hues, and light cocoa and burnt shades may bring out your eyes best.
  • For brunettes and dark haired ladies with green eyes, any purples, medium greens, and grays can complement your hair, eye, and skin combination for a pretty look.
  • Soft Copper Dot a coppery eye pencil along the upper eyelid and smudge gently with your fingertip or eyeliner tool.

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Makeup for green eyes and dark hair best

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How to use the right colors to create your perfect makeup look

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How to use the right colors to create your perfect makeup look

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These makeup tips were made for you — match your eye color, hair color and face shape

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These makeup tips were made for you — match your eye color, hair color and face shape

Nine Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

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Nine Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

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Secret and Makeup dark green hair for eyes you like


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Makeup for green eyes and dark hair

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Can't remember Makeup for green eyes and dark hair Find

7 Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes – makeup tips that emphasize your eye color

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Eyes green hair and for Makeup dark

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Makeup for green eyes and dark hair

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