Mascara: Ranking


Most mascaras contain the same basic components. Mascara formulas have changed very little over the past 50 years. Pigments dye the formula black or brown, though sometimes ultramarine or other colors are used. Typical ingredient titanium dioxide and iron oxide, chemical compounds that work together to create deep hues. Waxes, often paraffin, carnauba, or beeswax, thicken the formula, enabling it to cling to lashes.

Mascara: ranking

Whether you like a volumizing mascara, a curling mascara or one that does it all and is waterproof too - these mascaras are the best of the best. Thicker, fuller lashes are well known for imparting a feminine appearance while making a bold statement.

When trying to achieve this look, some individuals will reach for their false lashes while others reach for a volumizing mascara.


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Mascara: Ranking

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Best Thickening Mascara:

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How We Found the Best Mascara

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How We Found the Best Mascara

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The Best Mascara


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17 Best Mascaras

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17 Best Mascaras

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Mascara: ranking

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Ranking Mascara:

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