Smokey Makeup: How To Repeat?


Getting Started 1 Choose your colors. Any color can be used to create a smoky eye, although you will need at least three shades of a similar hue. The classic smoky eye is created with black or gray, but bronze and brown are also commonly used. Green eyes look particularly good with a gray and plum smoky eye, while blue eyes pop with gold or copper and brown eyes go great with shades of navy and gray.

Smokey makeup: how to repeat?

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Blue/Black Smokey Eye Make-up Tutorial

How to: Makeup for an Emerald Green Dress

They tend to mirror what is going on inside your body and soul. Make up is used to add beauty and define the features of the face that we want to accentuate more. Eye makeup comes in different forms. By learning how to apply smokey eye makeup you can instantly transform how you look from day to day or day to night.


You have no items in your shopping bag. Hard to believe, but most of them began just like you and I, learning how to apply eyeshadow, getting to know which techniques gave them the best results and with practice and even more practice they finally got it just right. If you love wearing eye makeup then learning how to apply eyeshadow to achieve a simple, everyday eyeshadow look is necessary.

Once you have this down, you can begin building from there and making your eye makeup styles unique to fit your personality. It all starts with the brush Make the investment.

Smokey Makeup: How To Repeat?

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How to: Makeup for an Emerald Green Dress

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Smoky Gems

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Smoky Gems

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Romantic Smokey Eyes

Tricks for perfect eyelashes

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Tricks for perfect eyelashes

Add dark glamour to any outfit this season with a sparkling smokey eye.

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Bruno Smokey makeup: how to repeat? Conformista Costume

Follow These Steps


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Eyeshadow – everyone should know about it

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New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial and Some Other Fabulous Ideas

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Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial and Some Other Fabulous Ideas

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Pick Your Favorite Smokey Eye Tutorial to Complete the Look

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Pick Your Favorite Smokey Eye Tutorial to Complete the Look

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Smokey makeup: how to repeat?

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Epi Leather Smokey makeup: how to repeat? twenty-seven Belgian model

How to: Everyday Smokey Eye (Steps with Photos!)

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Makeup: how repeat? Smokey to


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Smokey makeup: how to repeat?

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