Three Ways Of Applying Foundation


If you want to wear primer and concealer, or if you want to contour your face, be sure to apply those as well. Make sure that everything is blended in well. Hold off on your blush, highlighter, bronzer, and eye makeup for now. Move quickly onto the next step; you want to apply powder while your foundation is still damp. If you want to use a lot of product to get full coverage, opt for a makeup sponge.

Three ways of applying foundation

Before you apply makeup there are a few steps one should take. You do not want to irritate your skin before apply makeup, but you do want it clean. Rub it gently on your face, and massage it into your skin using small circles.

Foundation DO's and DON'Ts

3 techniques for blending your foundation

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Three Ways Of Applying Foundation

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3 techniques for blending your foundation


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How To Apply Foundation 3 Expert Ways

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How To Apply Perfect Foundation

3 Ways To Apply Foundation

  • Before you apply makeup there are a few steps one should take.
  • To keep from getting clumps shift the brush back and forth a little when brushing it through your lashes.
  • If your hair is feeling a little greasy and you are out of dry shampoo, sprinkle some translucent setting powder onto the roots.
  • Either use your finger or a foundation brush to apply the makeup to your face.
  • To accomplish this, make sure that your applicator is evenly coated by dabbing it into the powder and then tapping off the excess.
  • While liquid eyeliners can last all day, cream-based pencil eyeliners tend to turn runny as the day goes on.

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3 Ways to Use a Beautyblender that DonТt Include Applying Foundation

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3 Ways to Use a Beautyblender that DonТt Include Applying Foundation

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Three ways of applying foundation

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Three ways of applying foundation

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