Trend: Konturing Of Scotch


The list was open to all whiskey categories, and ended up quite bourbon-dominant. Only one Scotch made the original list, The Glenlivet Here are the top ways to stretch your dollar when shopping for Scotch. A new release in , Speyburn Arranta is exclusive to the United States. The nose offers butterscotch, honey and apples, moving to a more vanilla and oak-centric palate, with honey, apples and chocolate on the finish.

Trend: konturing of scotch

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Trend: Konturing Of Scotch

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Blended Scotch Whisky

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Top Scotch Online Store Price List 2018

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Key whisky trends for the future

  • Johnnie Walker Black incorporates upwards of three dozen different whiskies into this globally-famous blend.
  • The stock from each is then married together.
  • Auchentoshan American Oak is a newer permanent addition to Auchentoshan's lineup.
  • Photos courtesy of Speyburn and Glenmorangie.
  • A riff on the classic Cutty Sark, Prohibition Edition is bottled at proof and therefore offers an extra kick.
  • The stock from each is then married together.

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Trend: konturing of scotch

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