What If Yellowed Fingernails?


It occurs among both men and women, and can be a source of embarrassment. Most commonly, yellow nails are caused by nail polish. The pigments used in nail polish, particularly darker shades, can stain your nails over time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to always use a clear base coat before applying your favorite shade of nail polish.

What if yellowed fingernails?

Acetone remover can literally peel paint off the walls and put hair on my chest, but it ain't doin' nothin' for my nails after they've been baked with a dark polish for a couple of months. Something tells me you've faced the same problem. Before we resign ourselves to a lifetime of acrylics, there are a couple of tricks to get our poor stained nails all bright and shiny again.

Nails 101: Nail Troubleshooting: Bubbles, Smudges, Chips, Thick Goopy Polish and Yellowing Nails

Are Yellow Nail Beds Unhealthy?

Over the last couple months I have tried ALL the methods I could find and thought it would be fun to share my results with all of you. First though, you might wonder why nails stain at all. Why Do My Nails Stain? Natural nails get discolored from one of two reasons — a problem with the nail or staining from nail polish pigments.


Give one of these techniques a shot so that you can stop hiding your hands in pockets and gloves. Steps Soaks 1 Soak your nails in commercial denture cleaner. Denture cleaners can contain one of several different active ingredients, but each cleanser has some type of active ingredient that is capable of stripping away stains from hard, white surfaces. Dissolve a denture cleaner tablet in a dish of warm water according the the label instructions.

Make sure that the tablet is completely dissolved so that you get the full benefit of the cleanser it contains.

What If Yellowed Fingernails?

Clues about your health WebMD Medical Reference Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks Take a good look at your fingernails and you may notice subtle variations in the texture or colour - a touch of white here, a rosy tint there, perhaps some rippling or bumps in the surface. These imperfections may not look like much to you, but healthy fingernails are more important than you might think.

That's because to the trained eye, nails can provide valuable clues about your overall health. Liver diseases such as hepatitis Yellowish, thickened, slow-growing nails:

Are Yellow Nail Beds Unhealthy?

Today in healthy skin & hair

Your fingernails are not only a barometer of your general health state, sometimes they can also signal the presence of a medical problem. Yellow nails are e. Martijn van Mensvoort Your fingernails are not only a barometer of your general health state but also reflect your habits and the way you care for your nails on a daily basis. A yellow fingernail is sometimes caused by an underlying medical condition, but smoking, regular use of nail polish dye , and some medications including:

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10 Foolproof Ways to Get Rid of Yellow Nails

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10 Foolproof Ways to Get Rid of Yellow Nails

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What can cause yellow discoloration of nails with dizziness and blackouts? - Dr. Sharat Honnatti

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Picture of Discoloration of Nail Plates

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Why Do My Nails Stain?


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What if yellowed fingernails? Summertime (dir

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These easy hacks will have your natural nails looking bright & clear in no time

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What if yellowed fingernails? Suicide Underground Gift

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Nail Discoloration: Symptoms & Signs

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Nail Discoloration: Symptoms & Signs

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Nail Color and Texture: What Nails Say About Your Health

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Nail Color and Texture: What Nails Say About Your Health

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Healthy fingernails: Clues about your health

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What if yellowed fingernails?

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10 Foolproof Ways to Get Rid of Yellow Nails

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What if yellowed fingernails?

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