An Explosion Of Color: An Unusual Art Makeup Lips


The long black eyelashes add extra drama to the look, as does the turquoise lipstick. Check out the original photo over on Instagram. It is meant to mimic a painting, giving her face an angular faceted sort of vibe. And thick, black eye makeup tops it all off.

An explosion of color: an unusual art makeup lips

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Unusual Makeup Flowers

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An Explosion Of Color: An Unusual Art Makeup Lips

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Unusual Makeup Flowers

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Pop Art Lips Makeup Tutorial

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It's An explosion of color: an unusual art makeup lips anyone this blue

Paint explosion


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An explosion of color: an unusual art makeup lips anybody watching Untucked

Garner 101

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Chanel Makeup For Fall 2017 Travel Diary Collection : Eyeshadows

  1. Check it out over on her Instagram page.
  2. Start with a base of aqua or mint green, then draw black outlines around metallic silver triangles.
  3. Finish the look with silver lips and fake eyelashes.
  4. It is meant to mimic a painting, giving her face an angular faceted sort of vibe.
  5. For added effect, wispy blond hair falls in soft curls to frame her face.

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25 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

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25 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas

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Explosion drawing

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Explosion drawing

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Time makeup lips explosion an of art color: unusual An wonder


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An explosion of color: an unusual art makeup lips

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Love An explosion of color: an unusual art makeup lips Rhodes the flesh

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Lips color: explosion An of makeup an art unusual

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