Fantasy Make-up - What Is It?


Color Bright, smoky , or unusual color is often used in creating fantasy eye looks. Since most everyday makeup utilizes neutral or muted colors, using bright or more unique colors can really draw attention to eyes! Brilliant liners and candy-colored shadows can make eyes irresistible and fantastical.

Shine and Shimmer Stepping out of reality often calls for special effects - and when it comes to eyes, this might mean piling on the shine. Leave the beige matte shadow behind, because fantasy calls for fuchsia glitter.

Fantasy make-up - what is it?

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Chinese Fashion Inspired Makeup

What Is Fantasy Makeup?

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Fantasy Make-up - What Is It?

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What Is Fantasy Makeup?

What Are Some Ideas for Fantasy Makeup?

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When to Wear Fantasy Eye Cosmetics

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When to Wear Fantasy Eye Cosmetics

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Beauty Fantasy Make Up Tutorial \ Видео-урок " Фантазийный макияж "

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Fantasy new-years make-up.

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Fantasy Gala Make Up

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Fantasy Gala Make Up

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Fantasy Makeup Designs

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Fantasy Makeup Designs

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Fantasy make-up - what is it?

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What Is Fantasy Makeup: Answers

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Fantasy make-up - what is it? shots

Fantasy Make Up

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What is Fantasy make-up it? -

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Fantasy make-up - what is it?