How To Make Lip Makeup With Glitter? Photo Instruction


You will need to store your lipstick in something so that it doesn't get dusty or dirty. Here is a list to give you some ideas: Contact lens case Empty lipstick or chap stick tubes Empty lip balm container Empty eye shadow or blush containers Pill boxes to Make Lipstick Out of Crayons 2 Clean and sterilize your container. If you have not already done so, clean your container well using soap and warm water.

Wipe your container down using a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol; use a cotton swab to get into small spaces, such as corners.

How to make lip makeup with glitter? Photo instruction

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Rose Gold Glitter Lips

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Tutorial for Perfect Makeup Application

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How To Make Lip Makeup With Glitter? Photo Instruction

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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Tutorial for Perfect Makeup Application

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Making LIP GLOSS in a Factory! How to Make Makeup!

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How to make lip makeup with glitter? Photo instruction you see

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How to make lip makeup with glitter? Photo instruction

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With make glitter? How Photo to makeup instruction lip

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How to make lip makeup with glitter? Photo instruction

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