How To Use Black Shadows?


Achieving a Smoky Eye Look 1 Apply your darkest eyeshadow to the outside corner. Take the darkest color eyeshadow you want to use black or dark gray and swipe it on in an arch shape just above the crease of your eyelid, from the outside corner to the middle of the eyelid. Then apply it right along the lash line.

Apply a slightly lighter gray color to the middle of the eyelid, and blend it in with the darker color in the corner using a small soft brush.

How to use black shadows?

By Matt Fussell If you are drawing or painting in color then color theory should be a concept that you understand and use frequently. Knowing color theory will help you make decisions that otherwise may be difficult to make. It is one thing to understand color theory, it is quite another to implement color theory in your artwork in an intelligent way.


Drawing Light and Shadows

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How To Use Black Shadows?

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Drawing Light and Shadows

Taking a closer look at light and shadow

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CSS Shadow Effects

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CSS Shadow Effects

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How To Use Black Shadow

CSS Text Shadow

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CSS Text Shadow

Complementary Colors

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Shadows are Blue

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How to use black shadows? Koda

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How to use black shadows?

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How to use black shadows?