Karlie Kloss At The Premiere Of Serena In New York


Georgina Sparks Portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg in seasons one till six, Georgina Sparks is a ruthless, manipulative girl from Serena's past who returns to New York City in the final episodes of season one after escaping drug treatment in Utah. Before that, she was supposed to be at an Equestrian circuit but sold her show pony for cocaine , prompting her parents to send her to rehab.

Being Serena's friend, she wants Serena to be back to her old self and join her in doing things they used to do together. Her sudden return causes Serena to relapse into her old habits and even fixes Serena's drink which causes her to wake up late for her SATs. After Serena asks that she leave Manhattan, she becomes even more determined to ruin her life.

Karlie Kloss at the premiere of Serena in New York

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Karlie Kloss leaving to Hotel in Nyc

Karlie Kloss' Younger Sister Kimberly Steals the Show at 'Paper Towns' Premiere

She usually apologized for the mess for some reason but I loved it - it was awesome!. I'm a babysitter and I do this with both mom and dad I you like this, you'll love my videos. Someone.


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Karlie Kloss At The Premiere Of Serena In New York

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Karlie Kloss' Younger Sister Kimberly Steals the Show at 'Paper Towns' Premiere

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Karlie Kloss' Younger Sister is Stunning, Steals the Show at 'Paper Towns' Premiere

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the movie Karlie Kloss at the premiere of Serena in New York PerfectPerfect! look

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Fashion Industry Steps Out For Premiere Of Serena Williams New Documentary

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Fashion Industry Steps Out For Premiere Of Serena Williams New Documentary

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Balancing York Karlie New premiere Serena Kloss at the of in considering the

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Karlie Kloss at the premiere of Serena in New York

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New premiere York at Karlie in Kloss the of Serena

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Photographed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello, modeled by Natasa Vojnovic

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Karlie Kloss at the premiere of Serena in New York