Sculpting The Face: Turn-based Photo Instruction


Using a foundation the same or close color as your skin evens your skin tone and provides a base you can build upon when you contour using lightest and darkest shades. Contouring your face without first applying foundation is much more difficult, since skin tends to be uneven in color. Your face could end up looking patchy instead of smooth and contoured. Mixing textures can result in a caked-on look.

The only exception is your finishing layer of powder, which you either way to help your look last longer.

Sculpting the face: turn-based Photo instruction

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Makeup Contouring In 3 Easy Steps:

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Sculpting The Face: Turn-based Photo Instruction

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Makeup Contouring In 3 Easy Steps:

2. Contour

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Using Reference in ZBrush

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Sculpting With Lemon - Morning Joe - Creating his Face

  1. You can use a lighter concealer or eye shadow in place of foundation.
  2. Use your fingers or the foundation brush to blend the colors for a natural finish.
  3. You can use a lighter concealer or eye shadow in place of foundation.
  4. Cream highlighter is slightly shimmery, so it catches the light more than regular foundation.
  5. If you're having trouble figuring out what color to get, try matching your foundation to the skin on your neck.
  6. Facial contouring consists of highlighting places you want to stand out, and shading places you want to recede.

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Sculpting Demonstration Video Clips

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Sculpting Demonstration Video Clips

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Sculpting the face: turn-based Photo instruction

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Sculpting the face: turn-based Photo instruction about that

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The Photo Sculpting face: instruction turn-based

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Sculpting the face: turn-based Photo instruction