• How to do makeup for Asian eyes? Video Tutorial

    How To Do Makeup For Asian Eyes? Video Tutorial

    Close-set eyes usually have less than an eye width space in between Makeup Tips: To create the illusion of a wider gap between the eyes, keep more intense eyeshadow colors at the far corners of the eyes. Apply more mascara on the outer corner of the eye to build volume outwards..

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  • Makeup-tips for makeup in the heat

    Makeup-tips For Makeup In The Heat

    Learning how to prevent makeup from melting in hot weather is important to looking your best even on warm, humid days. By investing in makeup and skincare products designed to prevent streaking and slippage, you can be sure to find a daily routine that will help your looks withstand the heat. Steps Choosing Makeup Products 1 Replace oil-based foundations with powder, mineral-based alternatives.

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  • Makeup in Elizabeth Taylors style

    Makeup In Elizabeth Taylors Style

    Would love to see. When it cums to you dont be blind watch. I followed Jillian Janson her entire career, and she just keeps getting skinnier and skinnier..

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  • Makeup with bright purple eyeliner

    Makeup With Bright Purple Eyeliner

    On the best purple colored eyeliners, there are so many brands, several shades or types from almost every eyeliner manufacturer. Therefore, any attempt to give a list is not all-inclusive.

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