• What Essential Oils Taught Me About Mineral Makeup

    What Essential Oils Taught Me About Mineral Makeup

    At Home 5 minutes to fabulous: With this basic makeup tutorial and our makeup brush set, you can get a finished and natural look even when you sleep through the alarm on the day of that big work presentation or lunch date. Check out the video below to learn how to apply eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, blush, and gloss!.

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  • How to do makeup cats eye?

    How To Do Makeup Cats Eye?

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  • What makeup to make a burgundy dress?

    What Makeup To Make A Burgundy Dress?

    What Is It Important to Know Choosing a dress, you simultaneously allocate great responsibility for your makeup for a red dress. The success of the entire image depends on competent makeup, that will not be lost on the background of the bright dress or, on the contrary, will not ruin its accent. For example, what lipstick can match the red dress.

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  • 7 signs that you are doing the wrong makeup

    7 Signs That You Are Doing The Wrong Makeup

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  • Makeup with Arab hands: Photo instruction

    Makeup With Arab Hands: Photo Instruction

    In general, foundation color tone should be one tone lighter than skin. Moisten the sponge in warm water, rinse it, bend it in middle, hold it between your thumb and index finger. Apply a little foundation on the middle of the bent edge sponge.

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  • Makeup for Red Dress

    Makeup For Red Dress

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