Joker Smile: Dramatic Makeup On Halloween


Where are the easy makeup tutorials for Halloween?! Do we all need to turn into makeup artists to look good? The answer is no. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon looking for them for you! The Kardashian makeup artist?

Joker smile: dramatic makeup on Halloween

Why not try out the clown makeup? It is not as common as other Halloween ideas, and the best part is that you can have a lot of fun with it! You can channel the classic Parisian marionette or go for an evil clown look. No matter what you want, stylish or scary, clown makeup is the way to go!

Joker Makeup Tutorial

10 Creepy Clown Makeup Ideas For Halloween

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Joker Smile: Dramatic Makeup On Halloween

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10 Creepy Clown Makeup Ideas For Halloween

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The New 52 Joker Halloween Makeup Tutorial

15 Impressive But Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials Even Beginners Can Do

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15 Impressive But Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials Even Beginners Can Do

Cute Girly Clown Makeup

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Optional Costume Items:


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Girl Joker Smile

  1. When you picture clowns, you think of happy, smiling people prancing about.
  2. Top it off with a dark, preferably black, lipstick.
  3. Do we all need to turn into makeup artists to look good?
  4. You should also use a lighter foundation or powder all over your face.

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47 Latest Trending Halloween Ghost Makeup Ideas to Send Some Chills Down the Spine

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47 Latest Trending Halloween Ghost Makeup Ideas to Send Some Chills Down the Spine

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Step by Step: How to Do a Creepy Joker Smile for Halloween

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Step by Step: How to Do a Creepy Joker Smile for Halloween

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15 Terrifying Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Take Your Costume To The Next Level

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Joker smile: dramatic makeup on Halloween

Apply Foundation

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Makeup on Halloween dramatic Joker smile:

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Joker smile: dramatic makeup on Halloween

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