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History[ edit ] The use of cosmetics to enhance complexion reaches back into antiquity. Ancient Egyptians used foundation. It was considered fashionable for Greek women to have a pale complexion. Roman women also favoured a pale complexion. Wealthy Romans favoured white lead paste, which could lead to disfigurements and death.

Makeup base

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Makeup Base

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Create the base of the skin

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? How to Get Flawless Base Makeup

Foundation (cosmetics)

  1. Using your fingers is great for creating a natural look.
  2. Wealthy Romans favoured white lead paste, which could lead to disfigurements and death.
  3. Silicone-based make-up uses a silicone Ч or a blend of water and silicone Ч as the main ingredient.
  4. He wanted to conceal the joint between his wig and forehead, so he developed a flesh-coloured paste made of zinc , ochre , and lard.
  5. Any dry, flaky skin patches will be highlighted when makeup is applied so users should exfoliate their skin first if required.

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Makeup base

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