Makeup Based Couture Display Rami Al Ali


Couture Week Makeup By Sophia Hussain Every Couture Week in Paris features some backstage chaos where fresh-faced models are getting their hair done and re-done , nails manicured and makeup applied to their faces and bodies before they debut their dramatic looks on the catwalk.

After these models leave the catwalk, they often strut into the hoards of street style photographers lingering around after the show, waiting to snap the beauties still wearing their full makeup looks. Fresh, Flawless Foundation As seen at Valentino Valentino has become THE hottest couture label, best known for expertly using the most delicate laces and exquisite fabrics to create fresh, feminine fashion.

To wear Valentino, models were given looks that were just as fresh and feminine, which featured flawless faces.

Makeup based couture display Rami Al Ali

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RAMi AL ALI Couture - Spring/Summer 2017

Couture in the Capital: Rami Al Ali Showcases Collection in Abu Dhabi

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Makeup Based Couture Display Rami Al Ali

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Couture in the Capital: Rami Al Ali Showcases Collection in Abu Dhabi

Fashion. Beauty. Business.

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Styled In Dubai

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Makeup based couture display Rami Al Ali Beauty:

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Paris S/S Makeup based couture display Rami Al Ali Dieselmax, that cover

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Middle Eastern designers Georges Hobeika and Rami Al Ali wowed on the runway

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Rami Al Ali Haute Couture: From Dubai To Paris

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Dubai-Based Designer Rami Al Ali Considers Paris Location

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Dubai-Based Designer Rami Al Ali Considers Paris Location


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Fresh, Flawless Foundation

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Makeup based couture display Rami Al Ali

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The Syrian designer showcased his fall couture collection at the Ritz Paris hotel.

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Makeup based couture display Rami Al Ali Michael Halsband

Breathtaking Sculptural Gowns at Rami Al Ali Spring 2017 Couture

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Display Al Makeup Ali couture Rami based


Sulfate at 24.09.2018 at 10:47
i am thinking of messing around in my closet to put together some looks..

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Makeup based couture display Rami Al Ali

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