Makeup For Close-set Eyes: Top Tips


After all, human eyes are the most conspicuous elements on our face; our eyes see, but they are also meant to be seen. Between the shades, contours, and combination capabilities, there is an overwhelming plethora of possibilities when it comes to generating fresh, new looks. But a smoky eye that looks striking on you might not emerge looking too fabulous on someone else Ч and the most dominant distinction winds down to eye shape.

Just follow these simple tips to determine your inherent eye shape and debunk the most flattering makeup routine for your lids. However, you can make up for it with lids for days.

Makeup for close-set eyes: top tips

Close set eyes are those with less than the length of one eye between them. You identify what you already possess, and play it up as efficiently as possible. No eye shape is better than another.

Most Flattering Eye Makeup For Your Eye Shape

How to Apply Makeup on Close-Set Eyes Practical Video

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Makeup For Close-set Eyes: Top Tips

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How to Apply Makeup on Close-Set Eyes Practical Video

Celebrities with Close Set Eyes

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Hooded Lids

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Hooded Lids

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Makeup Tutorial For Close Set Eyes

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Fake It Until You Make It: Making Close Set Eyes Look Wider

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Close Set Eyes


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Makeup for close-set eyes: top tips

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10 Makeup Tricks for Close Set Eyes.

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10 Makeup Tricks for Close Set Eyes.

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Makeup for close-set eyes: top tips

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The Perfect Smoky Eye for Your Eye Shape

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Eyes: tips Makeup top for close-set

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Makeup for close-set eyes: top tips

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