Makeup For Small Eyes: Basic Principles


Eyebrows help to define the shape of your eyes. Pluck your eyebrows to neaten them and, if you like, shape them by adding a gentle arch. Neat and well-shaped eyebrows open up the eye area, making them look larger. This will help open your eyes up and make them appear larger.

Puffy eyes due to allergies, a fitful night of sleep or lack of sleep in general are very common.

Makeup for small eyes: basic principles

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be born with big, bright eyes. It actually really astonishes me when my Asian friend with small eyes does her a make up for when we go out, like to the club this past weekend, because her eye makeup transforms her eyes to look twice as big. When her she looks like this, she often gets mistaken for a race other than Asian, who people generically think have small eyes.

How To Make Your Eyes Appear Larger (Or Smaller) Do's & Don'ts

Makeup: basic principles

The use of makeup is divided into three categories: Basic - designed to compensate for undesirable changes in appearance introduced by the television process. Corrective - designed to enhance positive attributes and downplay flaws. Character - which introduces major changes in appearance.


Updated on November 22, Nearly every girl, who has small eyes, is in a constant search of new ideas and techniques for making them look bigger and catchier. Sometimes this can be a difficult task and these girls might be going through quite hard times striving for perfection. Still, there are some basic makeup tips and tricks that they use in order to have maximum effective and pleasing results.

One of the primary tones that we can speak about here is black.

Makeup For Small Eyes: Basic Principles

Creating a makeup look is comparable to designing an outfit: No matter how good your makeup products are, and how well thought-out your look is, the application of makeup is crucial. In the introduction video we show you a complete series of application steps for daytime makeup. You need not follow these steps precisely, but rather should learn from these makeup techniques and use them according to your personal needs.

Makeup: basic principles

1. Small Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Makeup tips for Small Eyes Ч make them look bigger! Makeup tips small eyes Makeup Tips Small Eyes Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but eye brows are their frames and are just as important to the illusion of making your eyes appear bigger. Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed and trimmed , shaping them beautifully, according to the shape your face.

If anything, your eyebrows should be a little more elongated at the outside corners, so fill them in using a brow pencil or gel to get the desired effect.

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1. Groomed Eyebrows

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1. Groomed Eyebrows

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How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

#1 Groom The Brows

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#1 Groom The Brows

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2. How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

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Larger Eyes are Indicators of Superior Fertility


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Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

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Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

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Makeup for small eyes: basic principles

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Makeup for small eyes: basic principles Bergamo, Italy

Colours And Tricks: The 10 Best Eye Make-up Tips For Small Eyes

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Small eyes: for basic principles Makeup

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Makeup for small eyes: basic principles

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