Makeup In The Style Of Jennifer Lopez


You'll also need to work on your makeup, clothing, and even your tan to get that perfect JLo look. With a few tweaks, you can make your look align with the style icon. Steps Working on an Hourglass Figure 1 Increase your chest muscles. While chest muscles won't enlarge your breasts, they can make them look larger.

Therefore, focusing part of your exercises on your chest can help you work towards an hourglass figure.

Makeup in the style of Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez Makeup Tutorial

Secret Stylists! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Their Kids' Fashion and Beauty Pros

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Makeup In The Style Of Jennifer Lopez

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Secret Stylists! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are Their Kids' Fashion and Beauty Pros

Jennifer Lopez's surprising baseball look as she and twins support Alex Rodriguez on Opening Day

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More Celebrity Makeup

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More Celebrity Makeup

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JLO Jennifer Lopez Makeup

Alyssa From the Block

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Jennifer Lopez's Beauty Dos

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Hate feeling Makeup in the style of Jennifer Lopez she wooden motion

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Remember Jennifer Lopez's ex Casper Smart? See his incredible body transformation

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Jennifer Lopez Takes It All off for Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez Makeup That Is

  1. Oftentimes, they have cutouts that are a bit revealing.
  2. Finally, using your whole hand, move from the center of your face out to your ears.
  3. Improving your habits makes you healthier overall and helps you lose weight.
  4. If you're using a liquid foundation, it's important to warm it up in your hand first.
  5. Lopez often sports a high ponytail for an easy every day look or even a look for a night on the town.

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A J.Lo makeup line is happening and the first release is amazing

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A J.Lo makeup line is happening and the first release is amazing

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Jennifer Lopez estrena 'All I Have'

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Jennifer Lopez estrena 'All I Have'

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More from Jennifer Lopez

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More from Jennifer Lopez

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Create Adele's much-talked about beauty look from the Grammys at home

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Create Adele's much-talked about beauty look from the Grammys at home


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Makeup in the style of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist has some pro tips to achieve a J.Lo-approved look!

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Jennifer Lopez Video makeup tutorial

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Can't afford Makeup in the style of Jennifer Lopez great option find

Jennifer Lopez: The best beauty looks over the years

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Style Jennifer in the Lopez of Makeup


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Makeup in the style of Jennifer Lopez

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