Makeup In The Style Of Megan Fox


Her pouty lips, strong eyes, and sultry smirk have become iconic. Megan's status as a sex symbol hasn't been achieved solely through her appearance; her style and attitude also come into play. If you are looking for Megan Fox's star appeal, you can follow her glamorous example and apply it to your own look.

Megan has stated that she adheres to a strictly raw, vegan diet.

Makeup in the style of Megan Fox

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Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial

Exclusive! All the Details on Megan Fox's Makeup Look at Giorgio Armani

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Makeup In The Style Of Megan Fox

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Exclusive! All the Details on Megan Fox's Makeup Look at Giorgio Armani

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More Celebrity Makeup

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More Celebrity Makeup

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How to Style Your Makeup Like Megan Fox

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How to Style Your Makeup Like Megan Fox

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Makeup in the style of Megan Fox 38.5

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Megan Fox Makeup

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Megan Fox Makeup

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Sathal Fox Makeup in of Megan the style Dior. Styling:


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Makeup in the style of Megan Fox

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The Makeup in the style of Megan Fox canіt wait

11 Beauty Tips from Megan FoxТs Stylist

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Of Megan in Makeup Fox style the

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Makeup in the style of Megan Fox

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