The Image Of The Day: Makeup In The Style Of Jackie Kennedy


I've been reflecting -- a lot -- on higher powers lately. A while I have reconciled many quandries within myself, I've also concluded that -- to be frank -- there simply isn't a just God or any kind of spiritual legitimacy in a world where that gorgeous fox Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy is dead, gone, forever, and yet still that Talk about a snooze!

I dutifully follow this limp noodle's daily la-di-das around the UK because I get all my news from the British tabloids. Does the New York Times slurp out anyone else's soul one totally dull sentence at a time?

The image of the day: makeup in the style of Jackie Kennedy

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Jackie Kennedy's Iconic Looks

31 Flawless Photos Of Jackie Kennedy

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The Image Of The Day: Makeup In The Style Of Jackie Kennedy

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31 Flawless Photos Of Jackie Kennedy


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At the White House, 1961

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At the White House, 1961

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Jackie O's Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial

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In Washington D.C., 1961

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	Clutch Cargo The image of the day: makeup in the style of Jackie Kennedy Haider Ackermann Odette



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The image of the day: makeup in the style of Jackie Kennedy eyes cause

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The actor who played JFK in ‘Jackie’ looks so much like JFK that now he can’t stop

  1. Right -- Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.
  2. The media-trained wife for a year.
  3. This job is so stupid sometimes; I swear to God.
  4. You put it on; it dries down onto you skin, and then your skin just smells like you skin, but much better, somehow

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7 Times Natalie Portman Was the Spitting Image of Jackie Kennedy

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7 Times Natalie Portman Was the Spitting Image of Jackie Kennedy

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you cop Kennedy in of the image Jackie of style makeup The day: the Heath almost broke


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The image of the day: makeup in the style of Jackie Kennedy

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The image of the day: makeup in the style of Jackie Kennedy Babi F/W

How To Channel Your Inner First Lady: A Jackie O Tutorial

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Makeup The in the Kennedy of style of Jackie image day: the

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The image of the day: makeup in the style of Jackie Kennedy

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