The Main Mistakes In Makeup And Eyebrow Correction, Which Should Be Avoided


Beauty The main mistakes in makeup Often we say that we should not be afraid of experiments. However, there are some techniques that are better not to use makeup not to spoil. Today we will tell you about the most common mistakes in makeup. Mix cream moisturizing Many makeup artists suggest to do it, but they forget to specify that this should be done only on the shooting, because a few hours, the creams do nothing happens.

This mix is able to dilute even the most compact structure of the Foundation.

The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. That is until you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a store window and notice things aren't as they appeared in your bathroom mirror. Whether you got too heavy-handed with the blush or your face powder has given you "clown face," celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal and Simple advisory board makeup artist Gita Bass explain the eight makeup mistakes you're probably making.

Many women think translucent powder is their best friend and it is not, according to Roncal.


The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided
How to choose means a of skin? look at

The Main Mistakes In Makeup And Eyebrow Correction, Which Should Be Avoided

The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided Ч

The main mistakes in makeup

The List Staff We all want to look fresh-faced and younger, and makeup can be a great aid to that. Keep in mind that your makeup style needs to evolve and adapt to your changing skin as you age. Tried and true techniques from your high school years will no longer cut it 15, 20, or 30 years later.


Your brows frame your eyes and are crucial for maintaining facial symmetry and communicating emotion. Avoid these common mistakes to keep your brows looking their best. There's nothing wrong in wanting to tidy up shaggy ends, but do so with limits in mind. Hold a makeup brush vertically next to your tear ducts. Hands off any hairs from that line toward your eye; the middle area, however, is fair game.

The Main Mistakes In Makeup And Eyebrow Correction, Which Should Be Avoided

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The main mistakes in makeup

Common Mistake: Using Conditioner All Over Your Hair

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MAKEUP Do's and Don'ts

Foundation faux pas

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Foundation faux pas

Using the wrong type of foundation

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The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided also not fan

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Where Beauty and Safety Meet

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  • And this must be done not with fingers but with a brush or sponge, which will help the basis to go unnoticed and transparent.
  • Because if you don't, according to makeup artist Hillary Kline , as the day gets older, so will your look.
  • Choosing the wrong under-eye concealer shade or illuminator.
  • Using the wrong type of foundation Shutterstock There are so many different foundation formulas available from liquid to gel, cushion, mousse and powder.
  • Apply a small amount to the center of your cheekbone and sweep upward and back.
  • Angle the pencil so it hypothetically cuts through the iris; the place where the pencil intersects your brow marks your ideal arch location.

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only The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided couple

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When choosing a foundation, make sure you check it:

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When choosing a foundation, make sure you check it:

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Filling with the wrong color of makeup

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Mix cream moisturizing


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The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided

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Common Mistake: Applying Foundation Without Giving Moisturizer Time to Dry

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The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided saw

How to Correct 8 Common Beauty Mistakes

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In correction, The which mistakes eyebrow should makeup avoided main and be

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The main mistakes in makeup and eyebrow correction, which should be avoided

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