The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide


For once I can manage without a particular product but I cannot imagine not having my essential makeup tools, for the simple reason that tools make all the difference. So today we will talk about makeup brushes, though there are other tools as well which are important today we will only talk about makeup brushes.

First we will talk about what your favorite brushes are made of. Makeup brushes are either natural or synthetic.

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

Foundation Brush Best For: Applying liquid foundation What It Is: A flat and wide or round brush that works best with cream and liquid formulations One To Try:

How to Choose, Use, and Clean Makeup Brushes

Your Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide: The Ones You Need and How to Use Them

Makeup brushes make a difference in the application of the product we are using. Makeup brushes range from price to brand, some brushes are high quality well other are not. It is important to know that you can have a different range of brushes from different brands.


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The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

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Your Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide: The Ones You Need and How to Use Them

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Face Brushes

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Your essential guide to the tools, brushes and applicators that make ALL the difference

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How do I clean my brushes?


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The Ultimate Brush Guide

  • Synthetic Hair Real Techniques Blush Brush Synthetic hair brushes are from synthetic material like nylon which provides a smooth and even finish for cream products.
  • Precision lip brush Ч this a thin lip brush used to fill the corners of lips.
  • Think less mess and more precise coverage.
  • Buffer concealer brush Ч this small pointed fluffy brush.
  • Filling in the eyebrows What It Is:
  • Crease brush Ч this brush is not fluffy and helps in a precise application in the crease area.

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The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide - Part 1 | Beginners Beauty Guide

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The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide - Part 1 | Beginners Beauty Guide

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The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

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The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide February

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

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Makeup The Brush Guide Ultimate

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