Vampire Makeup For Halloween


Gathering Your Supplies 1 Buy fake blood and fake fangs from a costume shop. The most essential elements of your vampire costume are your fake vampire fangs and fake blood. You can often find fangs and fake blood as a set at a costume shop or in the Halloween section of a big box store like Walmart. You can also make your own vampire fangs if you are really trying to do-it-yourself.

Vampire Makeup for Halloween

You can take your own spin with it to make it uniquely your own-from sexy to scary. You may want throw in a few splotches of blue or purple to add to the undead look. Vampires present themselves as sleek and sophisticated, so you'll want to make sure your application is precise and neat, while, at the same time, really getting into the details of your makeup.

If that sounds scarier than meeting a vampire in real life, don't fret.

Sexy Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Sexy Vampire Makeup for Halloween.

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Vampire Makeup For Halloween

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Sexy Vampire Makeup for Halloween.

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The Basics Of Halloween Vampire Makeup


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  1. You can then darken this wing shape with more eyeliner and blend it using black eyeshadow.
  2. Start by lining your lips with lip liner and then using a makeup brush to apply the red lip color.
  3. Apply black eyeliner to the top line of your eyes and smudge this eyeliner as well.
  4. If you are going for a more glam vampire look, you may decide to also apply dramatic eye makeup and lipstick.
  5. Blend the red eyeshadow a little bit with the black eyeshadow.

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How to Do Halloween Vampire Face Makeup

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How to Do Halloween Vampire Face Makeup

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Halloween for Vampire Makeup burn


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Vampire Makeup for Halloween

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Halloween Vampire Makeup for

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Vampire Makeup for Halloween

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